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 Niets kan je voorbereiden op de kick die je voelt wanneer je met een Can-Am™ Spyder™ roadster de weg opgaat. Zijn revolutionaire
 3-wielopstelling verandert voorgoed het contact tussen voertuig en asfalt. Rijden zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn, wat te verklaren is
 door de Y-Factor.


 Je wilt hem? Auto's rijbewijs is genoeg!

 On every road there is an intersection
 beyond which things will never be the same. There is a specifi c point that marks a departure from the expected. Steering us sharply
 towards the never-considered. It’s time to experience the rewards of challenging convention. Time to travel a new road.

 Introducing the Can-Am Spyder roadster.
 Nothing you’ve experienced prepares you for the thrill of hitting the open road astride a Can-Am™ Spyder™ roadster. Its
 revolutionary 3-wheeled stance alters the chemistry between vehicle and asphalt. Leaving riders forever changed by what can
 only be described as the Y-FACTOR™

 Born at the outer fringe of reality
 The Can-Am Spyder roadster represents a new point on the perceptual map. Its supernatural design turns heads. And stops traffi c.
 It resides beyond the conventions of motorcycles and automobiles. Combining the best of two and four-wheeled rides, laced with
 the thrill of off-road powersports. And it all begins at the end of your driveway.

 The open road now considerably more open
 From the moment you seat yourself at the controls everything is different. No doors, windows or roof to constrain your senses.
 Within the fi rst mile the ride lives up to the machine’s initial visual impression. From the assertiveness of the Rotax® 990 engine,
 to the thrill of the active riding style, to the magnetic cornering, everything is designed to heighten your experience

 The Can-Am Spyderroadster brings the active riding style, commonly associated with off-road vehicles, to the road. The result is an
 entirely new riding sensation on pavement.

 The visual balance of the Can-Am Spyder roadster has been carefully crafted, and sports a fl owing edge design that creates
 the illusion of motion, even when stopped.

 There are over 30 million miles of underutilized pavement
 No paved road intimidates the Can-Am Spyder roadster. In challenging road conditions the Y-architecture creates a confi dence
 -inspiring stance. At the heart of the Can-Am Spyder roadster, advanced technology enhances dynamic control and stability.
 The result is a sure-footed approach that lets you focus more on the thrill of the ride.

 The Can-Am Spyder roadster features the Vehicle Stability System (VSS™), which helps keep the vehicle on the rider’s
 intended trajector

 The Y-architecture helps riders quickly feel comfortable with the vehicle’s handling and makes for a more enjoyable experience
 for riders and passengers alike.

 Enhancing the -Factor.
 When you’re on a machine that attracts the attention of everyone it passes, nothing goes unnoticed. Which is why BRP offers a full
 line of Can-Am clothing and accessories designed to enhance the appearance of both rider and machine. While heightening
 the on-road thrill, and maximizing comfort.

 It’s time for your fi rst encounter
 To experience the Y-Factor for yourself, start by exploring all there is to see at



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