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 Why is it called a Spyder? A Can-Am?
 It’s called a Can-Am Spyder roadster. It is built by BRP under the Can-Am brand. The Can-Am brand is BRP’s wheeled vehicle brand
 which includes all-terrain vehicles an Spyder roadsters. The Can-Am brand stands for a connection between performance and agility
 and a balance of style and strength. The Spyder Roadster Can-Am aligns perfectly with these brand attributes.

 When will the first vehicles be available?
 The first Spyder roadsters Can-Am will be delivered to selected authorised North American dealers in autumn 2007.
 In 2007, BRP will deploy the first phase of its go-to-market strategy; eleven selected American states (Arizona, California, Colorado,
 Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin) and four Canadian provinces (Alberta,
 British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec) will offer Can-Am Spyder roadster through BRP’s existing dealer network, followed by other
 European countries in early 2008.

 In its second phase, BRP will expand its Can-Am Spyder Roadster offer to more North American states, Canadian provinces,
 European and other countries, and expects to be present worldwide within three to four years.

 Where can I try and/or see one?
 Beginning in the spring of 2007, Can-Am Spyder roadsters will be available for trial at a number of events and dealer-hosted demo
 days. For a complete list, consult the “try Spyder” section.

 Who will sell them?
 In the first year, select authorised dealers in North America will sell Can-Am Spyder roadsters. Within two to four years, Spyder will
 be available across North America and markets worldwide, starting with Western Europe. As for any new product, we are in the
 process of signing up Can-Am dealers. Trial and demo tour information will soon be available on the web. In the meantime, if you
 leave us your contact information, we will keep you informed on everything that is happening with our Can-Am Spyder roadster.
 Note: Any offer to purchase, order, offer for sale, sale or transaction will be subject to the compliance of the Can-Am Spyder
 roadsters with all governmental regulations and to the receipt of all required licenses and authorization.

 Where is my nearest dealer?
 Spyder Roadster Can-Am is a new product we just introduced to the public. We are in the process of signing-up dealers and will
 do so in the coming months. Trial or deme tour information will be available on our website within the coming weeks. In the
 meantime, if you leave us your contact information, we will make sire to keep you informed on everything that is happening with
 out Can-Am Spyder roadster.

 How much will it cost?
 Silver 11736, yellow 12056 on the road.

 Will there be other models? Colours?
 Presently, two colour options (yellow and silver) and two transmission options (sequential manual and sequential electronic) are
 offered in addition to a full line of accessories.

 What type of drivers license is required?
 Most jurisdictions in Europe at the exeption of Greece require a valid car license to operate the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In other
 countries and especially in North America, some juridictions require a valid motorcycle or three-wheel license. We invite you to
 contact your local authorities to obtain the license and vehicle registration information that applies to you.

Is it considered a motorcycle?
In North America, the Can-Am Spyder is classified as a motorcycle. BRP refers to it as a roadster since it offers all of the open-air benefits of a motorcycle together with some of the peace-of-mind offered by a car.

Why three wheels?
The Can-Am Spyder roadster brings BRP’s powersports experience to the road, and will open up the road to many users who want that type of experience. We considered other configurations, but found that the Y stance of the Spyder offered a unique architecture which provided a balance of performance and peace-of-mind riding with features like the Vehicle Stability System (VSS). What sets the Spyder apart from anything on the market is what is integrated in the VSS: the Anti-lock Brake System (TSC) and the Stability Control System (SCS).

How would you compare it to driving a 2-wheel motorcycle? How does it ride?
It’s a different experience, it doesn’t compare. This is a new kind of roadster, with a three-wheeled geometry, two wheels in front and one in the rear, Spyder offers a balance between performance and peace-of-mind.

Will there be more than one model?
We are creating a family of vehicles, and there will eventually be other models. As with any BRP product, Spyder will evolve but the core of the product is something that will remain the same.

Do people need to wear a helmet?
While helmet laws aren’t universal, BRP recommends everybody wear a helmet while riding the Spyder. Please refer to your State or Provincial jurisdiction for specific requirements.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
We offer a two-year limited warranty. Exceptions apply. See the full warranty text for more information.

Is it a 2-up?
Yes. Spyder is categorised as a sport touring roadster and it has the ability to carry a passenger.

Does it meet EPA/CARB/UE.etc. regulations?
Yes. The Spyder roadster meets or exceeds all SPA/CARB and Euro-2 environmental regulations.



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